Third Grade Standards

3rd Grade Standards & Benchmarks

 The following are the standards that your 3rd grade student will be working on throughout the year.

                       Language Arts

 Reading Traits and Processes

 The student will...

• decipher words, symbols, and punctuation in text.

• read with fluency and expression.

Reading Comprehension

 The student will...

• make predictions before, during, and after reading.

• identify main idea of text.

• identify literary elements.

• summarize text.

• understand level-appropriate vocabulary words.

• recognize the conventions and organizational framework of text. (i.e. poem, story, novel, newspaper, textbook)


The student will...

• understand the writing process and the six traits of writing.

• apply the six traits while writing in a variety of modes.


 The student will...

• speak in a variety of modes for different purposes.

• organize ideas and content to communicate effectively.

• use appropriate verbal and non-verbal behaviors to communicate effectively.


Numbers and Operations

The student will...

• determine the value of each digit in a 6-digit number.

• add and subtract whole numbers up to 4-digits.

• multiply facts through 9 fluently.

• write a fraction to represent parts of a whole and parts of a set.

 Algebra and Problem Solving 

 The student will...

• problem-solve using grade level appropriate computation skills and processes.

 Geometry and Measurement

 The student will...

• analyze, classify, and describe geometric shapes.

• understand measurable attributes of objects.

• tell timeusing an analog clock.

• add combinations of coins and currency.

 Data Analysis and Communication

 The student will...

• formulate questions that can be addressed with data.

• collect, organize and analyze data to answer questions.

• communicate mathematical thinking effectively to others.


Physical Science

 The student will...

• develop an understanding of the characteristics of objects and materials.

Life Science

The student will...

• develop an understanding of living things and environments.

 Earth and Space Science

 The student will...

• develop an understanding of the characteristics of earth materials.

                            Social Studies

 Civic Ideals and Practices

 The student will...

• study the ideals and practices of citizenship in a democratic republic.

• understand civic ideals and practices of citizenship which is critical to full participation in society.

• recognize the symbols of U.S. democracy (Pledge of Allegiance, symbolism and flag etiquette, "Star Spangled Banner" and "America", etc.)


 The student will...

• study the common characteristics of different cultures.

• analyze how the culture changes to accommodate different ideas and beliefs.

• understand how the culture of a group of people can be affected (i.e. climate, resources available, adaptation to land).

 Global Connections

 The student will...

• demonstrate skills and knowledge needed to interpret maps, globes, graphs and tables (directions, symbols, scales, keys, time zones, compare maps and globes).

 People, Places, and Environments

 The student will...

• discover ways people adapt to their surroundings.

 Time, Continuity, Change

 The student will...

• understand how the individual has changed over the past year (timelines, journals).


Healthy Lifestyles

The student will...

• comprehend concepts related to healthy lifestyles and disease prevention.

• describe the basic structure and functions of the human body systems.

 Health-Enhancing Behaviors

 The student will...

• demonstrate the ability to practice health-enhancing behaviors and

eliminate/reduce health risks.

• develop injury-prevention and safety strategies for personal health.


 The student will:

• demonstrate the ability to use communication skills to promote healthy lifestyles.

• develop and practice active listening skills to build and maintain healthy relationships.

 Community Health

 The student will:

• demonstrate the ability to advocate for personal, family, and community health and wellness.

• express information and opinions about health issues.

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